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Create a digital bookshelf, a personal go-to library of your favorite books, or even a book club with Infinity's Book Tracker template.
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Avid readers, this one's for you! If you want to improve your reading life but still stay away from bullet journal spreadsheets, our Book Tracker template could help you track your reading. Use it to:

  • Manage your read, reading, and to-read lists,

  • Save favorite books and quotes,

  • Write down where you left off,

  • Track your reading score. 

Benefits of Using Our Book Tracker Template

  • Having all the books you’ve read, reading, and you are about to read in one place,

  • Being able to neatly categorize books by genre, reading status, title, author, and other attributes,

  • Taking notes for each book (what you like and dislike about it, main characters, inspirational lines, etc),

  • Keep track of all the books you read until this day and summarize your favorites in a fun, creative, and interactive way.

How to Use This Template

  1. Load our Book Tracker template,

  2. Keep the existing structure and tweak it to your reading preferences or build one from scratch,

  3. Each book is a separate item on your board. Add a title, author, description, and the number of pages to each, 

  4. Attach a book cover to make your book board more interesting to browse or website links to where you can order new books from,

  5. Label, group, filter, and sort books by a myriad of custom attributes, whether it be by author, genre, format, or reading status, 

  6. Set a date when you start reading a new book and write down the date when you complete it,

  7. Review each book after you read it, add your likes and dislikes, favorite lines, etc.

  8. Rate a book by how much you enjoyed reading it using a rating bar (give one star to the ones you didn’t enjoy and 10 starts to the ones that left you out of breath),

  9. Create another folder to have your all-time favorite books neatly organized in one place. 

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