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6 Different Ways to View Your Data


A Kanban board is a great choice for anyone who wants to track their tasks, projects, and progress in a more visual way, and have all data displayed at a glance.


If you’re used to working in Google Sheets, Excel, or CRMs, then the Table view is just for you. This condensed view is ideal for creating formulas, databases, etc.


The Calendar view will help you organize and manage any time-sensitive items you might be working with, including meetings, events, and important dates.


Use the Gantt view to create and visualize timelines for long-term projects, as well as capture start and end dates in one simple view. Great for project planning.


If you’re mostly dealing with to-do lists and need a straightforward view of your tasks, then the List view is the best choice. Gives you a quick overview of all tasks.


With the Form view, you can create custom forms, share them with people outside of Infinity, or embed them on your website to collect data straight into Infinity.


20 Custom Attributes to Add to Your Items


Add the Date attribute to any item representing an event or a meeting, and easily manage your obligations, as well as deadlines. You can add multiple dates to items.


Create a new set of labels whenever you need a specific tag for your tasks and projects. You can use labels for anything from tracking orders to sales phases.


Add a checkbox to your items and tick off tasks as you’re done with them. The Checkbox attribute can especially come in handy in to-do lists and the List view.


Add a short line of text to any item in your board. The Text attribute is usually used to name tasks/projects, or to leave short notes for yourself or a team member.

Long Text

The Long Text attribute gives you a space on your items where you can add comments, instructions, and longer pieces of text. Ideal for the Columns view.


If you need to create a list of subtasks on your items, then the Checklist attribute will definitely come in handy. You can tick off tasks on the list as you complete them.


Use the Attachments attribute to add and keep important documents, images, reports, and any other files you and your team members might need in one place.


Add the Number attribute to your items if you’re dealing with sales, metrics, or lead acquisition, and then choose the format you need, e.g. integer, decimal, currency, etc.


The Reference attribute will help you link related items to one another within a board. This is especially useful if you need to connect tasks to projects in different folders.


If you want to assign different team members to items in your boards, then the Members attribute is the way to go. You can add several people to a single item, too.


By adding the Vote attribute to your items, you give your team members a chance to upvote new ideas, features, or upcoming projects within your folders/boards.


Add a progress bar to all of your items and track how your projects or tasks are progressing in a visual way. Moving the progress bar is as easy as clicking on it.


In case you need to rate ideas or your work, the Rating attribute will come in handy. Choose your rating symbol, pick a color, and a maximum value from 1 to 10.


When working with large databases, having emails of your contacts in a single place is a must. Easily add, copy, edit, and send emails from Infinity, in just a few clicks.


Whether you’re creating a client database or a list of your employees, you’ll need their phone numbers. Easily copy, edit, call, and send text messages straight from Infinity.


Calculate anything from yearly budgets to estimated costs using the Formula attribute. Make simple or advanced calculations between attributes within the same item.

Updated At

If you want to keep track of the exact date and time someone edited a certain item in your folder/board, then you’re going to find the Updated At pretty useful for sure.

Created At

The Created At attribute automatically adds a timestamp to all your items as you or your team members create them. The date and time are displayed and can’t be changed.

Created By

If you want to know who created each item in your folder/board, then the Created By attribute will come in handy. Automatically adds the icon and initials of a team member.


Multiple Options to Customize Your Data


Filters help you view only specific data within your folders/boards whenever you need to, such as high priority items only, tasks assigned to a certain team member, and so on.


The Group option allows you to categorize items within any of your folders according to different attributes, and lets you see all of your data in a more organized and neat way.


Use the Sort option if you’d like to sort your items by different metrics, names, dates, etc. Sort can be used more than once, so you can sort your items by different criteria.


If you don’t want to see certain attributes within a folder, you can use the Customize button next to Sort to easily hide those attributes. If you need them back, just toggle them on.


Use the Reorder option if you want to rearrange the way attributes are displayed within your items. Reordering is as simple as drag and dropping attributes on your items.

Change View

In case you need to display your items within the same tab in a different way, you can easily use the view switcher next to Filter to change the current view of your folder.

Choose Colors

Customize your boards, folders, labels, and other attributes by picking different colors for them. Use the color picker to choose a custom color for all your data within boards.

Multiple Select

If you need to move a number of items to a different folder or delete unnecessary items in bulk, then Multiple Select will, without a doubt, come in handy to you while you’re working.


If you’re not too familiar with formulas or you just need basic calculations for your columns, use the Summarize option beneath every column to get different values and results.


Endless Possibilities to Organize Your Work


A workspace is the starting point of organization in Infinity, and it usually represents your business or your brand. It’s possible to have more workspaces than one.


In a workspace, you can have as many boards as you want. Boards are usually used for organizing different clients, projects, teams, departments, and so on.


Folders and subfolders help you classify your data within boards. Just like with boards, you can have as many folders and subfolders as you like, and they help you store your data without making clutter.


Tabs help you view data within the same folder in another way. E.g. one tab can display the Table view, another the Columns view. Each can have different filters and sorts.


Items are the basic, core units of organization in Infinity, and they can be anything you want them to be, from tasks and processes, to contacts, files, events, etc.


Different Ways for Your Team to Collaborate


Easily invite your colleagues and team members to join you in Infinity and start collaborating with you. Inviting people is as easy as adding their email address.


Leave comments on every item within your folder/board to communicate with the rest of your team. Mention them using the @ symbol to tag them in all the comments.

Share Board

Share and embed all boards in Infinity with just a couple of clicks for seamless collaboration. You can also decide what you want guest users to be able to do within a board.

Assign Tasks

Ensure that everyone knows what they’re working on by assigning them to different tasks within your boards. Assigning people to tasks is possible through the Members attribute.

Activity Log

Keep an eye on all the changes happening within a board or an item thanks to the Activity Log. Filter out changes by team members or folders where the changes happened.


Get email and in-app notifications whenever someone assigns a task to you, mentions you in a comment, or when someone completes a form you've been subscribed to.


Quickly and easily set up permissions for all of your team members, both on the workspace and board level. Set up permissions for roles and individual members, as well.


Automate Your Workflows


Create reminders to stay on top of all your due dates, and never forget another important meeting, task, project, event, or even a team building activity ever again.

Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks will help you avoid manually scheduling tasks days or weeks in advance, and help you automate this process, at your preferred frequency.


Use If-Then rules to automate everything you're working on, whether it's moving items, creating new ones, or updating existing ones in your board.

Form Submitted

With the Form Submitted trigger, you'll be able to automate what happens with your items whenever someone submits a new answer through your Infinity form.


Powerful Integrations for the Ultimate Experience


The Zapier integration allows you to easily connect Infinity to over 3,000 different apps and tools that you use on a daily basis, and that you can’t imagine working without.


If you’re a Trello user, then you’ll be happy to hear that you can import all of your data from Trello straight into Infinity in just a couple of steps, and continue working.


For anyone who’s got a lot of tables and Excel sheets, the CSV import will definitely come in handy. You can quickly import and export all of your data in CSV format into Infinity.


Tracking time is a great way to keep track of how many hours you need for a certain task or a project. With the Clockify integration, you can be more productive and efficient.


Improve your workflows and automate routine work by connecting Infinity to your favorite third-party apps or any of the custom ones you build.


Web, Desktop & Mobile Apps to Help You Work


Infinity’s web application lets you work on your projects and tasks straight from your browser of choice. Just open it up in a new tab and work in real time with your team members.


Available for both iOS and Android, you can continue working even when you don’t have your laptop or desktop by your side. Infinity’s mobile app makes organizing flawless.


Download Infinity to your macOS, Windows, or Linux desktop computer, and go about managing and organizing your data in a faster, distraction-free way.

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