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LTD Tracker Template

Use this LTD Tracker template to create a list of favorite lifetime deals, grab them while they are still available, and never miss a good opportunity again!
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Have you ever missed a great lifetime deal just because you let it slip from your memory? That’s the thing with lifetime deals - you should seize the moment and catch them while they are still available.

Otherwiseyou’ll be regretting not making that purchase for the rest of your life. Infinity’s LTD tracker template is here to help you stay on top of all those amazing offers. 

Use it to: 

  • Keep track of companies offering lifetime deals for their products,

  • Create a collection of your lifetime deals and subscriptions, 

  • Compare prices, 

  • Track end dates, 

  • Manage your financials, store, keep and track invoices. 

Benefits of Using Our LTD Tracker Template 

  • Ditch monthly/annual fees once and for all, 

  • Grab one-time LTDs before they are gone and save a lot of $$$ in the long run, 

  • Maximize your budget and get better deals for less,

  • Stay on track with your finances and product stack,

  • Become an early supporter of young products and get access to amazing features and special offers before everyone else. 

How to Use This Template 

  • Load the LTD Tracker template from the Templates gallery or your workspace,

  • Bring all lifetime deals you are interested in to one place and choose a view (let’s say, Table),

  • Give more depth to each lifetime deal using Infinity’s amazing set of attributes (price, availability, category, subcategory, date purchased, refund period), attach links, and invoices to all the LTDs you purchase,

  • Divide lifetime deals by tabs (f.e. category, purchase dates, purchased deals) and group them by whatever label you want, 

  • Choose a “text” attribute and write down reviews for all the LTDs you’ve bought. 

This LTD Tracker Template Best Works With: 


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