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Use Infinity's Marketing Plan template to organize all of your marketing initiatives and track their progress from kickoff to completion.
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Not having a well-written marketing plan leaves you with:

  • Making unavoidable mistakes,

  • Spreading your resources too thin, 

  • Breaking deadlines, 

  • Failing to hit your ultimate goals. 

Infinity’s digital Marketing Plan template can help you draw this practice to a close. Instead of figuring out how to create a marketing plan template yourself, load a ready-made sample marketing plan and tweak it to perfection in a few clicks! 

Use our Marketing Plan template to: 

  • Define your marketing goals, strategies, and KPIs, 

  • Create an exhaustive marketing actions plan,

  • Visualize your plans on a timeline,

  • Track marketing initiatives and plan strategies with the team. 

Benefits of Using Our Marketing Plan Template

  • Organize various segments of your marketing plan by folders,

  • Access all campaigns and supporting materials at a click,

  • Track different categories of your marketing initiatives in one place,

  • Analyze the success of your marketing efforts,

  • Optimize strategies by tracking what works and what doesn’t, 

  • Execute masterful marketing strategies with ease. 

How to Use This Template 

  • Load the “Marketing Plan” template from our Templates gallery or directly from your workspace,

  • Create a marketing plan and plan marketing initiatives by quarters,

  • Group initiatives by categories so you’re able to track each one, 

  • Rate initiatives by the effort necessary to carry them out, 

  • Assign initiatives to the members of your team,

  • Set kickoff and estimated completion dates for each initiative, then enter completion dates as you progress, 

  • Monitor your teammates’ progress and have it all displayed on a marketing plan timeline. 

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