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Use Infinity’s OKR template to plan, set, and track objectives, key results, and the initiatives needed to reach your goals.
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The OKR (Objectives & Key Results) template is based on a goal-setting framework designed to help you achieve your objectives. By breaking down each objective into initiatives and by using key results to track your progress, you can prioritize tasks and be more efficient in working towards your goals.

Infinity’s OKR template lets you assign initiatives to team members, set deadlines, prioritize the most important tasks, track progress, and measure the success of each set objective. 

Use it to:

  • Set clear objectives and define key results as a way of tracking progress.

  • Create initiatives for each objective and assign them to team members.

  • Track deadlines and overall progress.

  • Manage initiatives by objective, status, and priority.

Benefits of Using This OKR Template

  • Create attainable objectives

  • Manage your whole team and their individual tasks

  • Keep all initiatives in one place and organize them by objectives

  • Track progress and prepare for upcoming deadlines

  • Prioritize initiatives that bring the most value

How to Use This Template

  • Open the Objectives folder and add new objectives along with the planned start and end dates.

  • In the Initiatives folder, create initiatives needed for every objective to succeed. Assign team members, priority, start and end date to each initiative and use the progress bar to track progress.

  • To get an overview of initiatives by each objective, click the By Objective tab.

  • Click the By Status tab to view a Kanban board of all your initiatives grouped by status—To Do, Doing, or Done.

  • Click the By Priority tab to see which initiatives have the highest priority and should be addressed first.

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