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Infinity's Product Management template gives you all the tools you need for building awesome products—from strategy to execution.
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Infinity’s Product Management template was built to be the ultimate resource for product managers, product owners, SaaS business owners, and anyone else building awesome products. This agile product management template is part of the Ultimate Product Management Framework designed to help you build the right product, and make sure you build it right.

Using our Product Management Template, you can:

  • Develop a product strategy

  • Position your product on the market

  • Set SMART product goals and initiatives

  • Build a product roadmap

  • Write user stories

  • Manage product backlog

  • Implement Scrum best practices

Benefits of Using Our Product Management Template

  • Managing all product phases from a single place,

  • Tracking product updates in real time,

  • Brainstorming product ideas with team members,

  • Using Agile methodology to improve processes. 

How to Use This Template

  • To start, click the Instructions folder with the important information on how to create different parts of your product strategy. 

  • Click the Product Strategy folder and select the Vision subfolder. Write answers to questions listed in the Customers, Needs, Product, Business Goals, Vision, and Vision Statement columns to build a foundation for your product vision.

  • Access templates in the Customer Personas subfolder to create your personas. The Sort feature lets you sort personas by industry, job title, or any custom attribute.

  • Use the Product Positioning subfolder to create a product positioning statement and a product positioning matrix.

  • Open the Product Differentiation subfolder to create a table of your competitors and their products’ features based on the sample table. By assigning a rating to each feature, you can discover your product’s strongest points.

  • In the Goals subfolder, use labels like Planned, Working on It, Ongoing, and Achieved to set different stages of your product goals from idea to completion.

  • Click the Current Sprint folder to manage current sprint tasks. You can add descriptions, time estimates, sprint points, assignees, and other attributes to each task. Switch to the Gantt view to follow the timeline for each task.

  • Use the Backlog folder to manage your product backlog. You can assign the item type (Story, Bug, Refactor, Knowledge) and filter tasks by a certain type.

  • Store tasks that are currently on hold in the On Hold folder 

  • Click the Roadmap folder to write down and group roadmap initiatives by stage (Idea, To Define, To Design, To Develop, In Progress, Implemented, Done).

  • Use the Initiatives Table in the Initiatives folder to brainstorm future initiatives with your team. You can use the Columns tab to get an overview of all initiatives by status.

Find out more about the Product Management Framework in this video:

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