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Don’t break out into a sweat every time someone says “project planning”. Use our Project Planning template and you’ll start off each project on the right foot!
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If you typically start new projects without sufficient planning, you’re in for a rough ride. A well-thought-out plan is the foundation of every successful project. Our Project Planning template can provide a strong framework that’ll make sure your projects, no matter their size and complexity, land the way you had originally intended them to.

Using our project plan template, you can:

  • Communicate your plans, goals and strategies with co-workers, 

  • Map our project scope make it perfectly clear for the team where you’re heading to,

  • Assign work to your team members in a few clicks,

  • Plan every stage of the project and set start and due dates so it doesn’t stretch into eternity, 

  • Monitor every aspect of your project plan and track progress your team is making.

Benefits of Using Our Project Planning Template

  • Having all the specs of a project on a single board, 

  • Being able to plan, allocate, and allocate resources efficiently,

  • Staying up to date with the latest board activities, 

  • Spotting bottlenecks and risks at an early stage,

  • Successfully executing plans. 

How to Use This Template

  • Create a project outline by adding a new item to your “Projects” board. 

  • Add the desired attributes to your project plan (description, status, end date, progress bar). 

  • Use checklists to add tasks and subtasks to your project plan and assign them to your team members by typing their name or email address in a bar, then set priority, start and end dates for each task, status, add notes and attach documents. 

  • Group tasks by project and create a separate “Current Tasks” board to track their completion. 

  • Group tasks by assignee to see how many things each of your teammates has on their plate and re-assign work if some of your team members are behind the schedule. 

  • Switch between views to see how’s your project plan progressing from different perspectives. Our Calendar view can make it clear how far/close the deadlines are and where your project stands at any moment. 

  • Check off tasks as they get completed and move the project progress bar closer to the end. 

  • One by one, you’ll get all the tasks from your project plan tackled. Congrats! 

To learn more about using this template, check out How to Use Infinity to Successfully Plan Projects.

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